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I ran Devotion Recording Studio in Everett for the last 4 years, where I made lots of amazing records with some really talented artists. It was bittersweet to have that chapter in my recording journey close abruptly (a casino recently bought the property). The sweet part... I'm excited to announce that I've partnered with Chillhouse Studios in nearby Charlestown. See our article regarding the merger here in MIX Magazine. Together, we've doubled our extensive instrument, gear & microphone collections. This facility is spacious enough to track full bands live, with great sounding rooms, a Baby Grand, 2" analog tape machine, and it's even closer to the city (and to I-93). I feel invigorated and inspired in this new space and look forward to the future records I'll make here. If you'd like to work with me, get in touch via the contact form or email: jim @ jimkeaney.com

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client testimonials

Can't say enough good things about working with Jim: the environment is relaxed and comfortable, but he works fast and gets great results. Rates are approximately half of what we were paying at the last studio where we recorded, and we're every bit as happy with the end results (if not more so). Especially appreciate his flat-rate mixes, which he continued to polish until we were totally satisfied. We trust him to get the sounds we hear inside of our heads out into the world.

Joel Reader (The Fatal Flaw)

I've worked with Jim on every studio project I've been a part of and don't have any plans of going elsewhere in the future. I suggest him to all musicians I talk to. His hard work, advice, and understanding of music/songwriting helps immensely in creating great work. You will get the best out of what you put into your songs with him.

Ted MacDonald (Ghost Chief / The Workout)

With all pro gear, and a great engineer at the helm, I’ve recorded multiple records with Jim over the years, ranging from hardcore to smooth jazz. Rest assured your finished project, no matter what the style, will turn out how you hoped or better.

Dan Smith (Emma Ate the Lion)

Workin' with Jim was a pleasure! The studio is clean and comfortable and has everything you need. Jim is super professional with a great attitude and work ethic.


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Charlestown, MA